Apartment Painting

Condominium & Apartment Painting

Aside from the various types of residential houses such as single-family homes (detached), semi-detached, and townhouses, a large segment of the housing market is made up of condos and apartment residences. One of the more obvious differences between this housing option and detached homes are the rules and condo regulations governing time of day when contractors can perform their work, use the service elevator, and adhere to noise control regulations.

Valley Rock Painting is a painting company that adheres to and respects the guidelines of condo boards in each city of operation, to ensure that jobs get completed properly. We strive to conduct ourselves and perform our work in a way that does not disturb other residents of a condo building, always taking care when entering and exiting a building. Altering the colour of your apartment or condominium can change your interior environment in a significant way, brightening previously dull walls and bringing a fresh, clean look and feel. In comparison to renovating, painting is a relatively inexpensive way to bring the excitement of change to your home.

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Our Process

We understand that you may have had a bad experience in the past with contractors, you could tell they wern’t prepared for the work, you didn’t know what to expect and the lack of communication left for a less than desirable experience. 

We take our motto seriously and come into every job using each category to ensure you are happy throughout the process.


Before any job we will discuss exactly what we will do, remove furniture, place drop sheets and plastic covers as well as other relevant dust control procedures.


We believe our customers should be able to have a clear communication path with all areas of our business during your paint job from start to finish.


The daily cleaning of the jobsite will keep home and business owners happy and ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all to enjoy. Our business exists to make physical environments look and feel better, and basic cleanliness is an important part of this process.

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