Interior House Painting

Interior House Painting

There are few things that will ruin a paint job before it has even started, faster, than a poor preparation job. Walls and trim that have not been properly sanded, dusted, and cleaned will look unprofessional and make a homeowner wish that they had not bothered to undergo the painting project. This is a huge mistake that we have seen hundreds of times and is one of the more significant reasons why home-owners end up unhappy with a painting contractor. Proper preparation of all surfaces that are to be painted is a part of the Valley Rock Painting DNA and of utmost importance to our business.

Our residential painters are trained in all aspects of interior painting, from prep and repair work to ensuring proper paint coverage on all surfaces, including the following surface areas and finishes:


  • Sanding & mild surface preparation and repair (Drydex, where necessary), followed by a wiping to remove remaining micro-debris
  • Gaps/spaces in baseboard and window/door trim will be filled with acrylic latex caulking (as needed)
  • TSP (trisodium phosphate) solution used to wipe down walls when necessary
  • Floor areas covered with canvas drop-cloths, all furniture covered with plastic sheets


  • Ceilings – Flat sheen
  • Walls – Eggshell sheen (Kitchens and Bathrooms may require a ‘higher’ sheen depending on moisture and ventilation)
  • Baseboards – Window & Door Trim – Doors – Semi-gloss sheen


  • Vacuuming & surface wiping
  • Leftover paint cans will be labelled according to room and left with client


  • Once the job has been completed according to the specifications detailed in the contract, a site visit by the Valley Rock Painting owner is standard before a home or business owner is obligated to pay. This inspection is to ensure that the client is getting what they are paying for, and to address any possible short-comings or areas of concern. Deficiencies will be dealt with quickly and respectfully.

For reliable and high quality exterior / interior house painting services, trust in Valley Rock Painting experts.

Our Process

We understand that you may have had a bad experience in the past with contractors, you could tell they wern’t prepared for the work, you didn’t know what to expect and the lack of communication left for a less than desirable experience. 

We take our motto seriously and come into every job using each category to ensure you are happy throughout the process.


Before any job we will discuss exactly what we will do, remove furniture, place drop sheets and plastic covers as well as other relevant dust control procedures.


We believe our customers should be able to have a clear communication path with all areas of our business during your paint job from start to finish.


The daily cleaning of the jobsite will keep home and business owners happy and ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all to enjoy. Our business exists to make physical environments look and feel better, and basic cleanliness is an important part of this process.

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